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Monday, February 20, 2017

Big Storm

Apparently, it is going to be one heck of a storm this morning. There is up to three inches of rain due here on the coast then the winds are expected to kick in this afternoon. Great. We were watching the local news last night, decided that it was wise to stay home today so I cancelled my day with mom. She is planning to stay in, too. I knew I could get to her in the morning, I just was worried about not being able to get home in the afternoon.

Michael and I took a field trip down the coast yesterday morning. We wanted to see if there was any damage from the recent storms, mudslides or trees downed. It was a lot better than expected all around, even the road had very few pot holes. We tried to get into the little town south of us with the goat farm and the only road in was flooded. We turned around and continued to drive further south to the fancy, yuppie campground to buy sunglasses (they have the best at the best price!) and lunch. We split a delicious hamburger and just relaxed by the fire. No one was out as it was sprinkling so we had the place and the road to ourselves.

I had not slept well the night before and I was dragging all day. Dinner was a simple Greek Shrimp concoction with a fresh-from-the-field artichoke, which we split because it was so big. By 7PM, I was fading fast, Michael got the bed and oxygen ready for me and I passed out for almost eleven hours.

We are hunkered down today. I have some tax paperwork to keep me busy and I will also have extra time to play the piano. Should be a quiet day. I hope.

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