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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Treadmill Bound

Off I go into the world early this morning. The other rehab calls to me and the treadmill is waiting. I can feel it. After a good workout, I will shop for the groceries for the week, run back over the pass, put everything away then head to town for my hair appointment. It is going to be a busy day followed by an orchestra rehearsal tonight.

The recent rains have caused such damage and areas are having problems with flooding, trees down and wire arcing. The pass looked pretty good yesterday but it had been closed in the early morning.

Irish music as well as two new Scottish song were in full force last evening. The rehearsal went well, lots of new music is being incorporated into our song list so it feels fresh and new.

The third draft of the letter I am writing from our Board at my university hospital to new patients is being sent out to the sub-group of our Board today. I think it should be the final one as most approved Draft #2. Just needed some minor fixes per a request of a member.

Into the cold, wet world I go. I'm coming, treadmill!

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