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Friday, February 24, 2017

Lois and Peter

It was a very long day yesterday and I yawned my way through it all. By the time I got home from the rehab class, I fell into the chair and slept for well over an hour. We had an early dinner then got dressed for the viewing.

Peter had died rather unexpectedly. Yes, he was fighting cancer but it was still a shock to everyone when he died. I think Lois is still stunned.

We walked into the funeral parlor and she wept in my arms. She couldn't believe I was there. Since I have my mom today, I just can't go to the funeral so I wanted to be at the viewing. For years, I had seen photos and heard stories about her two university teaching sisters and her best friend. Well, we met them all last night and we hit it off like old friends. Michael sat back and just listened as we chatted. I think I have made friends for life.

We also met Peter's brother and his wife and his nephew. I have heard about this much-loved nephew and his two adorable young daughters for years. Peter so looked forward to their yearly visit and planned exciting hikes and just kid fun for them.

Everyone is leaving by Tuesday so Lois will be in a big empty house filled with Peter's things. It is going to be hard so we made a date to meet for coffee on Thursday. She will be able to tell me about the funeral. She was very excited about the music she is having sung for the service today. I so hope it goes well and she gets through it. It will be a tough day.

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