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Monday, February 6, 2017

Thanks, Tom

Thanks, Tom. The Super Bowl almost caused me to have a heart attack! What a game. We enjoyed amazing food and conversation with Jim and Kathy. They had a beautiful covered patio overlooking the golf course so when it started to rain a bit, we were eating and able to enjoying the weather without getting wet. Appetizers/lunch featured stuffed jalapeƱos and baked slices of baguette filled with onions, garlic, artichokes and cheese. Delicious.

During the final two minutes of the game, we were eating dinner: Fresh caught Petrole Sole, freshly cut artichokes and a delicious salad. Jim was cheering for Atlanta and jabbing me most of the game. He couldn't believe the ending. Not possible. Impossible. It was lots of fun.

This morning, mom and I need to be deep into the Silicon Valley by 10:00 for her Mini Cooper check-up. It is going to be a long day of waiting as the coffee shop is too far away to walk in the rain. I am sure we will find things to talk about, as always.

I am really exhausted. Before going to Jim and Kathy's yesterday, I was able to sleep for just under an hour but during the game, I really began to fade. By the time we got home, I fell into bed and passed out. It has been too busy so it is going to take a few days to recover. My plan is to go to pulmonary rehab class tomorrow as that usually makes me feel better. There is also a Irish Fiddling rehearsal tomorrow night as we have a gig on Friday night. Did I mention we are going to the city for a German dinner on Wednesday night with British Don?

Since I ate things yesterday that I don't usually eat, I will be watching my food intake all week. Sometimes when I am really tired, I don't make the best choices so I don't want that to happen. Just being careful.

Off I go into this cool, rainy Monday. Enjoy!

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