Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weekend Fun

Happy Sunday! Rains are due all day but right now, there is a moment of sunshine. Lovely!

Yesterday was a very good chore day for me: my closet was cleaned out, checkbook balanced, bills paid, menu and grocery lists were made, medications were set up for the week and I finished Draft #3 of my Ambulatory Patient Advisory Board letter. Before lunch, I filled my oxygen container, dressed warmly and tried to walk along the coast. It was so windy that I soon headed back to the car. I was fighting to stay upright! The waves were huge and the ocean was churning.

This morning, I am going into town to pick up lunch at the organic market and to put gas in a car. Tomorrow is expected to be a heavy storm all day and I need to be with mom. I so hope I can get home on the pass without a tree falling on me! Yesterday, the road to our little town was closed from the North due to a mudslide.

Since I didn't walk much yesterday, I am planning to leave very early tomorrow morning to work out at the other rehab. The reason I am feeling so good is that I have been able to exercise. It really makes a huge different to me.

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