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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sad News

It was a big storm. There was a lot of damage and many roads closed around us but we were just fine. In fact, we sat in the garage and watched the heaviest of the storm blow through. Some very light rain is due this morning but the trees are now the issue. Many are expected to fall today and tomorrow, according to the morning forecast. With that, I will be going over the pass to the rehab class later this morning. My body just wants to move.

There was some sad news on Saturday. My friend Lois lost her husband after a long battle with stomach cancer. She is the woman I met at the other rehab back in 2006, we discovered we performed together when I played with a professional orchestra and she sang with a university choir, she continues to fight her own battle with 3rd stage breast cancer, she taught me so much about my prescription drug pathways but, most importantly, we became dear friends. She sent an email that Peter died at 6AM Saturday morning. They had found his cancer almost by mistake so he had a fighting chance with early treatment, which bought him several years. It is still so sad. They met in college and they are both older than I am. She said the services have not yet been determined so I am waiting to hear the date and time. His relatives are from the mid-west so I have offered to shuttle people from the airport, if she needed me.

I worry about Lois. She has brilliant sisters who both teach at universities, one in Oregon and the other in New York. I have a feeling that she will sell her house and move near one of them. The three of them are still very close. It will be interesting for me to meet these women after hearing about them for years.

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