Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Mom and I walked and walked along the street in the heart of the Silicon Valley. It was going to be an estimated almost four hour wait for her Mini Cooper to be given a rather extensive service and oil change. The area was dotted with dealerships and little else. We headed out to explore a Walmart over a long block away. We were looking for a restaurant inside for some coffee. Oops! It was the first ever Walmart we have ever been into that had groceries only! It was huge!

We scurried back across the six lanes of traffic to a really nice coffee shop, sat for an hour before walking another three very long blocks to a McDonald's where we planned to have something to eat for lunch. While in the bathroom before we ordered, the phone rang. The car was ready two hour early! We began the long, long trek back to the dealership. I was having breathing problems as I had no oxygen with me. The sun was hot on our back and we both were wet from the exertion. It was the longest walk I have taken in a long time. I was not sore this morning and rather proud of myself!

Rehab today. Sherman told the class about Dick's death last week. I will post his funeral information today.

I got the results of the CT Scan taken for the appointment with the Lung Transplant Clinic. One thing worried me. It reported that nothing had changed since my last CT Scan. The reason for my concern is #2 below:

IMPRESSION: 1. Persistent lung parenchymal findings compatible with hypersensitivity pneumonitis. No new focal consolidation or effusions. 2. Extensive coronary calcifications. 

No one has ever mentioned that I have calcifications in my heart. I need to ask Dr. K. about it. Will this be a problem in the transplant process? Should I see a heart specialist? Extensive?!?

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