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Monday, May 16, 2016

Lee and Jeff Due

I was sleeping by 6:30 last night. Too much. Worn out. Done.

It began with making a Strawberry Pie and Barbacoa for tonight dinner with Lee and Jeff. I also wanted to try to make a special breakfast item for Michael. The Scotch Eggs turned out great. Paleo-style. A hard-boiled egg (boiled for only four minutes) then covered in a thin layer of turkey breakfast sausage and baked for 30-minutes. He loved them.

Then, it began. Michael and Ron attacked a large bush that was dying near Ron's mailbox. The heavy equipment came out. Men. I kept busy knocking down cobwebs and using the power cord when they began digging out the roots. Three large recycling containers were used. When Michael tried to pull the roots, he fell backwards on his keister. Then, somehow, he hurt his toe. We think it might be broken. Maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to work in sandals. Then, while trimming with the hedge trimmers, he nipped one finger. For the rest of the day, he limped and complained. Now, this is a man who worked with metal and would come home with gashes I thought required stitches with nary a complaint.

So, I cut the grass. I trimmed. I weeded. He was injured. He did help with watering the pots and washing the windows with me. By the time we were finished, I was so tired I wanted to just stare into space.

It was then, while I was still in my gardening clothing, that British Don dropped in. It was so great to see him. He, too, liked the Scotch Eggs! Within minutes of his departure, I was in my pajamas and promptly fell asleep in my chair. It was 5:30.

Lee and Jeff are due after spending the afternoon with our mom. Tomorrow, we are going to be together all day. It is foggy and a whole lot cooler than what they are used to. They are going to freeze!

My list this morning is not too long: clean the front door, dust the floors, vacuum the throw rugs, and clean the stove top. We are going to lunch then I need to pick up some ice cream. The Strawberry pie didn't turn out well so I am going to spoon it into a bowl and cover it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The strawberry juice leaked into the oatmeal crust. Not attractive but still delicious.

It will be nice to spend time with them for a couple of days.

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