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Thursday, May 19, 2016

One Busy Day

As Michael took off to run errands yesterday morning, the house was quiet. Lovely. I spent the morning getting ready for the housekeepers today, paid some bills, cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry, did about an hour of yard work then watched two episodes of "House of Cards" on Netflix. I never left the property. We had leftovers for dinner and watched the Warriors and Giants games. Both won, thank you.

That was my day off. Today? I may not survive!!! I need to be out of the house by 8:45 for an eye doctor appointment. One of the side effects of endless prednisone therapy is high pressure in my eyes. We caught it early so I don't have any damage, yet. My uber cool jazz pianist doctor is always up for a good chat about music. Afterward, I will swing by rehab to check-in with Sherman to tell him about Dick's funeral. I will not be staying for the workout. No time. 

Dr. K. put in an order for a blood draw to test some protein in my blood to see if it has been suppressed by years of prednisone therapy. Before our Patient Advisory Board Meeting this afternoon, we will swing by the blood draw area and get that done. If low, Dr. K. said she can fix it. It may be the reason I have been getting so ill so often lately. 

After our meeting, we have been invited by the owner of the restaurant right on the water just north of us for a charity event. Apparently, he bought a table and needs to fill it with people. We got the call. By the time we arrive, I know I will be yawning and itching to get home but maybe I will get chatting with the other people at the table.

We often just shake our heads in wonderment. When is life going to slow down? Days fly by. It has been so busy lately. But, it is now that I need to appreciate every moment. There will come a time, rather soon, when it will be a struggle to leave the house. My life will become very small and confined. Days will drag. I know I will hate that. Even though today is going to be exhausting, I will make sure to step back, appreciate that I am still active and involved in life and catch up on my sleep on the weekend. 

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