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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Recipes for the Week

At 2:30 yesterday afternoon, the front door shut and I was home. Deep sigh of relief. I was exhausted. Mom and I had spent the day together, she met with a financial advisor in town, we went to the county offices because she had a question then lunch. I began to fade. The week of craziness was beginning to have an effect on my body.

Michael made dinner. I was in bed early.

Today, I am going to do things in the house, maybe take a nap then head north this evening. We are invited to dinner at the house of one of the violinist in the Irish fiddling group. Eleven of us. I need to be awake and interesting! Oh my!

I haven't blogged my recipes for the week in a long time. Having lost over seventy pounds five years ago, I have been able to keep it off by eating a protein-driven diet with non-starchy vegetables. Each dinner makes four servings and I try to cook a meat, poultry and seafood dinner each week. The goal is 1,200 calories a day to lose weight, 1,400 to maintain. Why eat this way? I have been on prednisone since May of 2005 so my body doesn't process sugars properly. I quickly gain weight if I eat differently. Sugar and anything that processes into sugar is the bad guy to be avoided. I find fresh vegetables to serve on the side of each dish. So, here is what is on the menus for next week:

Nancyelle's Thin and Crispy Pizza Crust - HERE Freezes well.

Wasa Crisp with peanut butter

Roasted Cod Provencal - HERE

Kicking' Chili - HERE Makes a huge amount of chili which I will freeze for other meals.

Sesame Chicken - HERE

Sautéed Sicilian Lamb - HERE Use only 1-lb. of lamb.

Chimichurri Shrimp Kabobs - HERE

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