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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rehab Boy Goodbye

We had a lovely day yesterday. We were together. Michael did get some exercise by walking into town where we met for lunch. As we walked in the door of the restaurant, we spotted our former dentist and her sister (who plays cello just in front of me in the orchestra). We had a quick chat before we were seated in the front window. Another member of the cello section arrived with a girlfriend. We had another quick chat. Then, across the street, we spotted a violinist from the orchestra who also plays with the Irish Fiddling group hopping into her car.

It's a small town.

Lunch was delicious. We barely made it on time to Michael's hair appointment at the barber shop up the street. It was packed. Really. On a Wednesday afternoon. What a business.

The dress rehearsal for Saturday's orchestra concert went much better than I expected. In the music world, that is bad. There is a superstition that a great dress rehearsal means it will be a bad concert. Sometimes, I think it takes a rough dress rehearsal to make everyone really focus during the concert so, I am still nervous about the concert.

I had too little sleep again last night and face a full day. Within an hour, I must leave for mom's house. She has an appointment with the eye doctor, which is going to include photos and other tests today. A longer appointment that usual. Later this afternoon, Michael and I will be dressed and ready for Rehab Boy Dick's funeral. It is going to be rough.

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