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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Birthday Boy

Today is Michael's birthday. As we are still recovering from all the food at Thursday's anniversary dinner, we are planning to head to the restaurant right on the ocean to split a crab sandwich between us for his birthday dinner. Neither of us ate much yesterday and we had simple eggs for dinner.

This morning begins the work in preparation of all the company coming in a week. I will do the final trimming in the yards then begin to do the items on my do-to list. I have all day. No need to panic, which is my new mantra!

Within minutes, I need to head into town to buy some groceries to make appetizers for Michael's birthday celebration at Rick and Natalie's tomorrow evening. One needs to be refrigerated overnight. Their daughter Melanie is making Michael a special birthday cake, with candles and everything!

Birthday weekend, here we go.

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