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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Into the City

Up at 5AM, dressed, coffeed-up, packed breakfast for the car, filled oxygen tank, eye drops, inhaler, nose spray. Takes a lot to get me out the door! No later than 6:15, I need to be in the car and on my way into the city for my urology clinic appointment. With a full bladder. That's the hardest part! I have four bottles of water with me and will drink two on the way up and sip on the others, if needed, once I get there.

I will blog about the appointment tomorrow.

Mom and I tried to find a cooler place to hang out but all my normally cool spots were steamy hot yesterday. We bought new books at the book store. She got me hooked on the Clifton Chronicles written by Jeffrey Archer and we bought the next four books. Addicted. We drove around two separate areas looking for someplace different for lunch and found...Dickey's BBQ! I swear it is the only one on the Peninsula. Michael and I had our first Dickey's in a tiny town in west Texas. Free soft serve ice cream! Mom had a pulled pork sandwich, baked beans and ate every bite. The owner came by for a chat, was enthralled by her and she left with a card for a free lunch in her purse!

But, it was hot. At home, we opened up the house but it was airless. Even with fans. Finally, it began to cool right before bedtime.

The debate: I watched. Michael watched football in the other room but watched the highlights afterward. Enough said!

So, here I go. I am a bit nervous and hope it all goes well.

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