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Monday, September 12, 2016

One Down, One Go Go

Chip and Betty arrived around noon yesterday and we had a wonderful time, talking non-stop for hours and hours. Mom was having so much fun just being with her son. Dinner was perfect, the sausages per a hit as was the pancetta and potato gratin. Mom even took a piece of Strawberry Pie home with her!

At dawn this morning, we walked across the street to the ocean. It was cool but not cold and there was no wind. They just wanted to breathe in the ocean air. Chip even went into the very cold water up to his knees! Michael and I made a vow to begin to walk two days a week together along the shore.

They are the easiest house guests ever! They slept in their RV in our driveway and made no demands whatsoever. I told them they can stay when they needed to be in town for her 97-year old mother. They are here because her 78-years old brother is on hospice and they want to see him one more time.

After they left, I made a Fruit and Cheese Pizza, cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floors and vacuumed. The house is ready. I pulled on some clean cloths so I am ready.

Michael's sister Anna and her husband Doug should arrive in about 90-minutes. I will serve the Barbacoa and will even make a quest dip for our main food for the day. We will have leftovers or crackers and cheese later this evening.

I have an Irish Fiddle rehearsal tomorrow night and will go if Anna and/or Doug want to watch. There will be Irish whiskey involved! That's a bribe! We have a gig on Thursday night so I really should try to attend. Wednesday night is the first rehearsal of the orchestra. I am planning to take Anna and show up to sign for my music. We won't stay.

What a crazy week. I hope it doesn't kill me.

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