Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Couch and a Book

Mid-way through our day yesterday, I suddenly realized I was not feeling well. Mom and I had run errands for her and were shopping at JCP when it suddenly got very warm. I realized I had pushed myself too hard too quickly. As a precaution, I was wearing my oxygen backpack and a mask so mom would not get my cold. I hoped that the extra oxygen helped a bit.

I gathered myself, we paid for our items then we drove to lunch. A nice lunch in a pretty restaurant where we had a fun conversation. I was feeling a bit better. It was all I could do to get home and wait until 8PM for bedtime. I don't remember much else.

No rehab class today. I am staying home and not sharing this cold with the class. There is a rehearsal for Friday gig with the Irish Fiddlers but I am going to wait to see how I am feeling later in the day. I may not feel well enough to play. As it is supposed to rain, I plan to stay in, on the couch, with a book and maybe do some ironing.

As Halloween is coming quickly, I need to have a plan for Natalie and the kids who come for trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. Hot spiced cider! Beer for the adults! Homemade Caramel Corm for Leslie's two girls and for Winnie and Oliver, hot dog crescent rolls for the kids and something to eat for the adults. I'll figure it out today and buy it all tomorrow.

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