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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Friends for Life

It was a long rehearsal last night. Gerry was there, so that made it fun but, it was rather a bore. The conductor was working on one small eight measures section for twenty-minutes and the basses played only five notes. Five. We played them well. We hit them every time.

I would have rather been at home watching the SF Giants game!

While counting measure, I kept checking the website for the latest scores. 0-0. The innings started to rack up: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th. Then, my phone ran out of juice. Nuts!

Finally, it was time for cookie break and my friend Jack (trumpet) ran over to tell me they had won! I must say, I was very nervous about it all. One of my kids from the school where I got sick is a pitcher for the Mets, so I thought of him when I heard the news. Rushing home, I listened to sports talk radio and Michael had the post game interviews on. It was not the same but I was able to see a tape of the homer. Here we go. As a Giants fan, we understand that they need to torture us. It's part of their gig.

Our gig today is to be together and drive 100 miles to visit Nancy in her new apartment at an independent living environment. She so misses Jay. I hope we can make her laugh and have a nice lunch with us. I cut some hydrangeas from my garden to bring to her as well as a small pumpkin painted with a bit of gold with a cute ribbon on it. Just a little something from our little town where we were neighbors beginning in 1982. Friends for life.

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