Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, October 14, 2016


I think I overdid it yesterday. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it and I'm a bit worried about getting sick. My plan is to take it easy all weekend, except for a little party with the Irish Fiddling people on Saturday evening.

Our early morning walk was over two miles and I really felt it later in the day. After a quick breakfast, I went to Safeway then back to the house to change for the rehab class. On the way to class, I stopped at the bank and CVS to print mom's photos of her 80th birthday party then AAA to pay for the Mustang tags. Sherman was waiting for me, he looked good except for the huge bandage on his hand. He put a hole in it so it was wrapped in lots of gauze and tape. It was a good workout but I was really dragging by the end. I crawled home but I had to be at the extra orchestra concert rehearsal by 7PM. It was fun to play with such a small group of just strings. Nine o'clock came rolling around and I was so tired I really couldn't focus any longer. Michael met me at the door, took my bass out of the car while I climbed into bed. Done. Cooked. Finished.

Mom has her PT appointment early this morning so I am off again! After I get home this afternoon, I have an appointment to speak with the uncle of one of the RNs at the other rehab. He is in Denver and recently diagnosed with IPF. I hope I can give him lots of good information and nudge him into rehab. Dinner will be simple. Bed will be early.

I did hear from Natalie while I was in the rehearsal. The group was working on a rather boring part, I had almost 60 measures of rests, so I was able to read and respond to her. Ethan had been working at his new fancy job for a week and loved it. She also loved the big fancy pay check! I am so happy for them and look forward to hearing all about it on Halloween! They come to our neighborhood  to trick-or-treat as it is so safe and flat and well lit.

Also, Michael had been peering through our windows waiting for Lisa and Mike to come home from their two-week trip to Europe. They left over a two weeks ago so he was beginning to worry something was amiss. I texted Lisa to see if they were home and, at the rehearsal last night, she texted back from Rome! They are due home on Saturday and thought it was sweet that Michael was looking for them!

So, I feel like I am stumbling into the weekend with the need for lots of sleep and rest. Next week is booked.

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