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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Keep Colds Away!

It is just dawn, there is a slight drizzle of rain, the outside ambient lights are on and the heater inside the house is running. All feels right with the world. It has been a quiet weekend before the craziness of a holiday begins.

For those of us with on immunosuppressant therapy, this is a scary time of year.

My sister phoned last night to confirmed the time they want us to arrive at their home for Thanksgiving. She also mentioned that my niece's fiancée's sister would also be joining us. Oh, and maybe her teenaged children, too. After we said our goodbyes, it began to worry me that they may not know that I can't be around anyone with a cold. Anyone getting a cold. Anyone exposed to the flu. Did my sister mention that fact to them? Did she ask if they were well?

In the beginning of my disease, I always asked if everyone was healthy and I even stayed home one year when someone had a cold. I didn't mind. Really. I would rather do that than get pneumonia or worse! Since no one but relatives have joined us for years, I didn't need to even think about mentioning it. So, today I will message her and ask her to let them know that I can't be around anyone  who has been recently exposed to someone with a cold or flu or if they think they may be coming down with something.

Tonight, we are going to meet our friends Sue and Jim for a simple dinner together. Sue is a teacher who is in her final year of teaching before retirement. We have known them since William was in kindergarten with their son. Dear friends. Life got busy and we would see them on and off through the years. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of them as they settle into retirement.

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