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Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Tree

It's a beauty! All 7.5' of fake greenery and colored lights! We also got a great deal! What was hilarious was watching Michael trying to get all 7.5' of boxed Christmas tree into our old 1997 Mercury Tracer! At one point, I thought we might have to return it as we just couldn't get it completely in the car. Then, I realized it was no bigger than my string bass so we set the seats for that and VOILA! It worked. I had to ride in the back seat and look out for cars in Michael's now huge blind spot! It was an adventure! We will decorate the house next weekend. Expect photos!

The rest of the day was football and researching recipes and decorating tips for our Norwegian Christmas this year. I am learning so much. Chip and Betty's box filled with handmade decorations should arrive today so I am going to base my linens on the Norwegian flag colors. I also found three different recipes for cocktails using Aquavit, which Chip also included in the box.

I have a beautiful full-sized grand piano in the living room, which my sister always plays during our annual sing-along. While reading some website yesterday, I found a Norwegian rendition of the 20 Days of Christmas. Yes, 20 days not just 12 days. I will be printing up song sheets!

This week, I want to find some lights and garlands to drape around the family room sliders. We are moving where we place both Christmas trees and decorating other areas, including the fireplace. Usually, we just have poinsettias but this year, I want lights! Lights everywhere!

We are also trying to find Duraflame STAX to burn in the fireplace on Christmas Day. It is the only firewood my lungs like. No odor. They are hard to find but, if I have to, I can order them from our local Ace Hardware.

It is a screaming Monday. Mom and I have to drive miles on a busy, wet freeway north to pick up mom's new reading glasses at Costco then scream south on the same horrible, wet, stopped freeway to her eye appointment within an hour of each other. We may not make it! A bit nervous. She is having the macular degeneration shot in her eye and we always go to lunch afterwards. It makes her forget having the shot. Later this evening, I have a rehearsal with my Irish Fiddling group. A full day.

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