Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are surrounded and emotionally supported by loving family. I am always so grateful that I have lived years knowing that I had a fatal disease. It gave me time to say everything I needed to say to those I love. I've had years to show them my love and I have tried to be grateful for every single day.

Mom, Michael and I will make the two-hour drive to my sister's house this morning. I am so looking forward to chatting with her daughter and fiancé about their April wedding plans. Michael and I will phone our son for a quick chat. He and a group of friends get together and all the men cook. I love that.

In other news: The dermatologist's office phoned last evening to give me the results of the biopsies taken from my face almost a week ago. Benign! A beautiful word!

So much to be grateful for! Pause a moment in the chaos and smile. This is life. Grateful we are still here!

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