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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Drugs vs Transplants

I haven't been to rehab class in over two weeks and today is the day to face the machines again. Treadmill! Bike! Wall weights! All my friends and waiting to put me through the paces. I'll bet I will feel full of energy after the class.

Before the class, I need to drop some of mom's Christmas decorations off at her home. While over the pass early, I might even begin to look for my special Christmas decorations at Michael's Crafts. It is nice to have time to wander and ponder. I may also pay a couple of bills while I am in the area.

I have an appointment with Dr. K. next week. After she does her business, I am going to ask her opinion about whether I should participate in the January study of the new anti-fibrotic drugs or let myself to continue my decline towards lung transplants. The issue is, if the drugs work, I make max out age-wise for transplants. Or, as one grows older, other issues may arise, which would then preclude me from transplants. She has so much experience with transplants and really understands how my body has been reacting to all the drugs through the years. Can my body handle the massive gastrointestinal problems for the first three months of these new drugs? Does she think these new drugs will work on my specific disease?

It should be an interesting conversation.

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