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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fake Tree

It rained yesterday but it poured last night and more is expected today and tomorrow. We have been in a drought and I can feel my garden just smiling with each drop.

It felt great to work in my kitchen yesterday, making a breakfast quiche and a casserole for dinner. The house smelled like home. With that work behind me, I can play with Michael today. We are going to try to find a new fake Christmas tree today. Ours is fifteen-years old, several of the lights don't work anymore and it is just time. Michael wants one with colored, dancing lights. We'll see.

Fake trees. I was shocked when Dr. K. told me to never have a real Christmas tree again because of the possible mold or fungus that I would be bringing into our breathing space. Both are the causes of my disease, HP. The first year was so hard as I missed the "smell" of Christmas. I must admit that I do inhale as we walk by live Christmas trees while out in the world.

We are also going to make our lists to prepare for the holiday today, which I will try to attack each day leading up to Christmas. The goal is to do just a bit everyday so I do not get sick or overtired.

It should be a fun day of just the two of us hanging out together. My favorite kind of day.

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