Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, June 27, 2016


What a lovely Sunday. We worked in the front yard, trimmed the Japanese Maple between the front bedroom windows and the other closer to the street and I finished cleaning out the very front that I had not finish on Saturday. It looks so much better! Our goal next weekend is to take out some overgrown rosemary then we can order mulch (I don't go near it!) and Michael can fertilize the grass. It is never done!

For a late lunch, we tried our first ever low and slow BBQ of baby back ribs at 220 degrees for three hours. They were great but we learned a lot. We liked our rub that we bought at a Corkie's BBQ in Memphis better than our butcher's rub and we would change the BBQ sauce to a more tomatoey sauce. Steep learning curve! We ate them picnic-style in the living room while watching the Giant's baseball game on the big screen TV. What a game! The ribs were delicious and leftovers are ready for our dinner tonight!

After the game, we did some household chores before I made some Tuscan Eggs for a very light dinner.

I have a phone appointment with the lawyer this afternoon but mom made a last minute doctor appointment around the same time. She was growing very anxious at the thought of driving alone to the appointment. It is a bit tricky. After Michael got home from over the pass on Saturday, I asked if he could drive her to the appointment? Yes, of course. We will make the mom exchange just after lunch and they will head to her appointment while I head home for mine.

Just a check-in: I am feeling so good and breathing well. I swear that the consistent movement and exercise last week is the reason. This is a perfect time as on Thursday, I will be taking a test to determine if I need supplemental oxygen 24/7. I really didn't want to go into it feeling miserable and not breathing well. Hopefully, I can keep this stretch going.

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