Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, November 20, 2017

Mentally Ready

The weekend was restful. I feel ready for tomorrow's endoscopy. Today, mom wants to hit Costco to buy a Jitterbug phone but we may have to make another stop afterwards.

On Friday, she told me that she had been up eight times to use the bathroom the night before. Eight times. A record. I think she had a UTI or bladder infection. She has a good immediate care place near her, feels comfortable going there and likes the doctors. I suggested that she have it checked out on Saturday. If she didn't, I will take her today.

I probably won't write a blog tomorrow morning as we will be heading into the city early and I really want to focus on all the things I need to bring with me, the medications I need to take, the shower with Dial Antibiotic soap on my belly, to wear the appropriate loose fitting clothing and so much more. Focus.

Wednesday, I am expecting to stay home all day so I will write all about the experience. Hopefully, the doctor will decide the next steps after the test.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Now Michael?

My goal this weekend is to rest, take a few walks, water the garden and take lots of naps in preparation for Tuesday's endoscopy. But, who I am more concerned about, is Michael. The past couple of months, I noticed that he was short of breath after exertion, ran out of air at the end of a sentence along with a light, non-productive cough. I have slipped my saturation meter on his finger and his numbers have been fine. This all leads me to the possibility that he might have some blockages in his heart.

As a typical man, he had lots of excuses, even this morning when I told him I would be making an appointment with our primary doctor to look into the symptoms. "It is not bad. It only happens sometimes. I was tired."

I am now done with the excuses. An appointment will be made.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Endo prep

As scheduled, the anesthesiologist and I connected regarding next week's endoscopy. What a well-oiled machine! It did not take very long, we reviewed my medications and over the counter drugs, I told her about my problem with general anesthesia, allergy to latex, my low blood pressure, severe lung disease, blood transfusion when William was born and my supplemental oxygen needs.

She then emailed a five page document of our discussion, which also included helpful hints like no jewelry or makeup the day of the endoscopy. Also, it listed the drugs and vitamins I needed to stop immediately and the ones I cannot take the morning of the procedure. Immediately? No vitamin E, Omega 3 fish oils, melatonin and Ostro Bi-flex. The morning of the surgery? No Miralax (for my UTIs) or spironolactone. I was also instructed to bring my inhaler.

At the end of the conversation, I asked if the assigned anesthesiologist would be prepared and experienced to deal with all the issues of my advanced lung disease. She told me that I would be meeting the anesthesiologist that morning and could ask any questions directly to him/her at that time. It was then that I told her that I was not as nervous about this procedure but more concerned about an upcoming surgery to fix the problem that would be revealed during Tuesday's test.

"My family and I are very sensitive about anesthesiology issues because 20-years ago yesterday, my dad died after elective same day surgery. The problem was with the anesthesia. My mom is very concerned and she doesn't want to lose me, too" She paused then responded, "I understand."

What I hope that meant was that I will be assigned a more seasoned anesthesiologist and maybe a notation on my file for the next, more difficult surgery. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Waiting By the Phone

After my hair appointment this morning, I will be home waiting by the phone for my interview with an anesthesiologist. This is preparation for the endoscopy next Tuesday to take at look at the valve inside my Nissen Fundoplication surgery site and possibly the hernia. The valve seems to not be working properly, which is allowing acid reflux to flow into my lungs.

I want to confirm with them that I will be given light sedation for this procedure but I want it in my file that I, like my mom, become very ill after general anesthesia. We also need to review my medications, what I can take that morning, what I need to stop taking immediately, list of previous surgeries and a couple of other questions.

There is a two-hour window for this phone call so I will be just hanging here at home. That is not a bad thing as a big storm blew through last night and it is expected to rain on and off all day. A good day to stay home.

Michael has a Boys-Night-Out tonight. They are meeting at the same restaurant where we have a reservation for Thanksgiving luncheon. I am so grateful that he has a large group of male friends, several whom had dealt with illnesses and one a death of a spouse. He can talk about living with someone dealing with a chronic fatal illness and the reality of being a caretaker. They understand. They are his support group.

When William was in kindergarten, I met a woman who was a transplant from Boston with a son in his class. JR and William became friends as did their parents. Sue continued her teaching career and just retired last June. I sent her an email last month wondering how she was doing not getting up early every morning and heading into the classroom. I received her reply this morning. She wonders how she ever found the time for work! Her son, wife and grandson are living with them as they save to buy a house so they are keeping her hopping. We are making plans to meet for coffee and a good chat. Our lives have been so busy that I hope we will now have the time for a proper friendship with lots of conversations and coffee and walks along the ocean. Old friends are the best.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Two New Gentlemen in Class

I was shocked at Jeannie's appearance when I picked her up for our rehab class yesterday. Expecting a weak, pale person, she moved the fastest I had ever seen her make her way to my car. The last two weeks of rest really helped her lungs to recover and she looked fantastic. Her color was good, she was smiling and so thrilled to be back out into the world. We had a fun time together.

While I was absent from the class last week, two new people joined the group. Gauging the staff's reaction to the younger gentleman, it was clear that my read on him was right on. He was a loud, obnoxious pain. We will see if I can settle him down. I'll work on him.

The other gentleman was an elegant looking older man. I began a conversation with him while lifting free weights and discovered we were both coastsiders. Until recently, he was a competitive tennis pro and I detected a bit of a British accent. He grew up just north of our British Don.

He wanted to talk with me about vanity. In his classes, he was appalled that a woman would not food shop as she would need oxygen and she refused to be seen in public with her cannula and tank. Another person also refused to use the oxygen as he was embarrassed. The gentleman asked what I thought.

I replied that in my personal experience, I initially was very nervous using oxygen in public until I discovered that people were actually very kind when they noticed it. Still surprises me. I really only had that one bad experience I have mentioned before, the horrible woman in the hospital elevator after working out at the other rehab. She looked me up and down and said, "You shouldn't have smoked!" I smiled back and replied, while leaving the elevator, "Funny, but I never smoked."

And, here is the time when I must mention that one of the major reasons to use supplemental oxygen is to protect your heart. When the heart does not get enough oxygen over time, a part of it hardens and will not function correctly. Sadly, this is very common in patients with longtime lung diseases.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rehab Class

Jeannie phoned to ask if I could drive her to the rehab class today. She convinced the hospice nurse that she would feel so much better getting out into the world and moving her body. The nurse finally gave her approval to try it one day this week. I was thrilled that Jeannie had so much determination and guts. My kind of girl!

About an hour after we spoke, the phone rang again. It was her sister sounding very concerned. She wanted to give me her contact information but I could hear a nervousness in her voice about Jeannie returning to rehab. I told her that the exercise physiologist and the RN will be watching her closely to insure she did not push herself too hard on her first day back in a couple of weeks. That seemed to help.

My cough is better and I am feeling better, in general. The endoscopy is schedule for a week from today. I received a secured email from the surgeon's office, which included all the information I will need, for example, medications, food, vitamins, what to wear, what not to wear, etc. The only problem was that I could not open it. So, later this morning, I will be phoning their help line for help! Frustrating.

Monday, November 13, 2017


My university hospital has an interesting process when a patient is facing a new procedure. They sent me a video accessed through their patient email site. Yesterday afternoon, I watched a 20-minute video about anesthesia. All the different anesthesia options. It may have fallen into the category of too much information. In other words, it scared me to death. Death? Yes, that was mentioned a couple of times during the video!

All this was in anticipation of the endoscopy next week and it left me with more questions than answers. I will be phoning the surgeons assistant asking if I was going to be given light sedation during the procedure, asking if I can take only the most important drugs that morning, where exactly do I check-in and probably a few other things while I have her on the phone.

The video was intended to give information so the patient feels educated before a new procedure but it left me feeling anxious.

Michael took me to lunch yesterday and we split an award winning (and featured on Drive-In, Diners and Dives) pastrami sandwiches on toasted rye with sauerkraut and dressing. OMG. I have never tasted such tender, lean pastrami. We split it but I swear I am still tasting it this morning. Burped all evening! Dinner was a scrambled egg. I will be eating very lightly today.

Mom has wanted to see the sweet park in her city that has a hidden Japanese garden, with koi, and beautiful paths to follow along the large pond. Today will be the day, if it is not raining. We don't have anything special on the calendar.

Also today, I will be checking-in with Jeannie to see how she is doing and if she needs my help to food shop.

Finally, yesterday morning when I unplugged Michael's phone, I noticed a missed call from a +00 number, usually an out of the country number. I looked it up and realized it was William's number but from Argentina. I panicked. He never phones when he is out of the country. Was he okay? We messaged him. Hearts pounding. Reply? Pocket dialing. Oops. He did write that the concert went really well, he had fun wandering around the city and had eaten an amazing steak. Deep sigh of relief. They are flying home today.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Slept Through

I slept throughout the day yesterday, right up to 30-minutes before walking over to the neighbors at 4:00. They were hosting a family and friends pre-Thanksgiving dinner for thirty people. We stayed for appetizers and lots of conversations. Most of the relatives this year were from Mike's side of the family, who we had never met before. Lisa's mom was there, which is always a treat. Their daughter had just returned from a vacation in Cuba and their son was visiting from Colorado. It was great to spend time with both of them.

We walked home, ate a light dinner and I promptly fell asleep on the couch.

Last night, I woke up around 2AM and was wheezing and coughing. Not wanting to awaken Michael, I grabbed my pillow and a blanket and headed to the living room. After using my inhaler, both the wheeze and cough calmed down so I was able to drift back to sleep.

My goal today? Only one: water the pots. Michael is going to cut the grass for me so I will water this afternoon. This morning? I have a feeling there will be another nap. It was such a busy week, I really need to recover.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Birthday Recap

One more birthday done. It was a nice, quiet, easy one. Michael bought a very hip pair of black ankle boots with two, count them, two buckles wrapped around them for my birthday present. I feel empowered! I feel taller! I feel like I will wear them tonight at the Irish Fiddling gig at the brewery. Black jeans, black boots and a rockin' bass. Yup, perfect after a birthday.

We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant we used to go to years ago. Not so great anymore. Sadly. He also bought a piece of cake so I could plant a candle on it and make a wish. He covered all the birthday bases.

As a treat, our friend Randy dropped by. We met him when we moved to our coastal town, he was 16-years old and he is now 60! Long time friends. His dad owned the mortuary in town and his parents didn't like us at all as Michael was "blue collar." Old school people. He currently lives across the bay with his wife and three children, just over an hour away.

Randy was a local cop then got a job with the county sheriff's department, which was where he retired from about five years ago. As part of his retirement two days a month, he runs a driving course here on the coast for police officers and sometimes private citizens. When Michael was in Oklahoma City in September, they visited the shops from the TV show "Street Outlaws" and bought a t-shirt for Randy. He came by to say hello but to also pick up the t-shirt. A twofer.

It was such fun to get caught up, chat and to remember old times together. He stayed three hours, sang Happy Birthday over the birthday cake with us and lazed out on the new reclining love seat. A perfect ending to a nice, quiet birthday.

Mom and I will be together all day today with no plans. We can have some fun! Maybe I can get a nap in before the gig tonight. Or, maybe not.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Another One

Well, it has happened again. It's my birthday today. It's still such a surprise and a gift that I have lived another year after being told way back in 2005 that my time on this planet was going to be very limited. A couple of years. HA! Guess sometimes even doctors make mistakes.

Sometime today, William will phone. It will be good to hear his voice as he begins the journey to Argentina for a concert. He loves South America and can't wait to enjoy the food while there.

To celebrate the day, Michel and I are going shopping for some ankle boots for the rains then we are going to lunch. That's it. Well, maybe we will find a piece of cake somewhere so I can blow out some candles and make a birthday wish.

Simple day together. That is my idea of a nice birthday.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Out into the World

Yesterday, at four-thirty in the morning, the alarm rang. We were filled with coffee, then quickly dressed and out the door by 6:00AM. We were off on an adventure!

Michael and I promised mom that we would drive about two hours away to place fresh silk flowers on my dad's crypt for the holidays. We make this trek twice a year. It was a stress free trip with little traffic as the rush hours mess was in the opposite direction. We flew.

The cemetery has always been beautifully tended and was exceptionally pristine yesterday. Though it was icy cold, we still enjoyed our visit with dad and mom arranged the new flowers. She always talks to him and kisses her fingers then places them on his plaque. She still misses him so much even though November 13th is the 20th anniversary of his unexpected death. He would be so proud of her and how she continued to grow and even thrive after his death. She deeply misses him and still dreams of him every night.

After the visit, we headed into the Sierra Foothills, through tiny towns, even the very famous gold town of Sutter's Mill, on our way to an Indian casino. After an hour, we arrived and mom was in heaven. She could have gambled all day! By 3:00, we were done. She could have stayed a few more hours but we faced another three hour car ride home.

Mom was the big winner, Michael second and I was the total loser! Oh well, can't be lucky in everything! We all still enjoyed the day together.

At 7:15, Michael was dozing so I suggested we head to bed. We both were asleep in minutes and slept until 6:00 this morning. A quiet day of just grocery shopping ahead.

My cough is getting slightly worse and I have been using my inhaler more and more. We only had to move once when someone sat at a machine next to me and lit a cigarette. The air quality in the casinos has been greatly improved from the old days. I made sure to keep my hands away from my face and washed them often throughout the day. Today and tomorrow will be recovery days and hopefully, I will be ready for an Irish Fiddling gig on Friday night!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Beginning of a Wild Week

It was a restorative weekend. I needed it as it is going to be a whopper of a week ahead. Just taking it day by day. Today? Rather simple. Mom has an eye doctor appointment and we need to get a new 2018 calendar for my purse from the book store. That is it. Well, maybe a bit of food shopping but that is really it. I think. Oh, I forgot to water the pots so I will do that after I get home but that is it. And, I need to phone Jeannie.

A simple day.

Tomorrow is going to be really exhausting.

I have been making an interesting breakfast for Michael, Avocado Toast. I brush a bit of olive oil on a slice of French bread and bake it until it is crispy. Then, after a rubbing of fresh garlic, I spread half of a mashed avocado on the toast and add of bit of pepper. He loves it. Something different. He will also have a bit of yogurt on the side. It keeps his blood sugar level until lunchtime, which is always the goal.

Happy Monday. Hold your hats. Here we go.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


After speaking with my rehab class car pool buddy Jeannie on Friday, I learned that so much had happened since we last spoke. She now was officially in hospice. Apparently, for the last two years, the people at the Sutter hospital where we have our rehab class had been keeping in touch with her since she was hospitalized about two years ago. When they phoned last week, Jeannie talked about how the fires and heat really hurt her lungs and all the other issues.

The hospice nurse arrived the next day. She was one wonderful woman who, through an interview and her observations, began to make big changes. Immediately, she had Jeannie take a leave from the rehab class so her body could heal. I had been so worried that she was going to do even more damage as she was really struggling through the workouts. Smart move.

At the recent pulmonologist appointment, he refused to give her anti-anxiety drugs that she so desperately needed. "Go see your primary doctor." The only problem, Doc, was that would take another long Ready Wheels trip and several weeks to get an appointment. Immediately, the hospice nurse was able to get her the drug, watched her take it then realized it was a bit too strong. She adjusted the dosage and Jeannie told me the drug had made a tremendous difference. She was able to function.

Remember when her oxygen supplier told her she used all of her oxygen tanks for the month during the fires and heat? No more for you. Sorry. Deal with it. Well, the hospice nurse fired that company and arranged for a larger shipment of oxygen tanks to be delivered immediately.

Jeannie had no experience dealing with hospice and was shocked when I knew so much and was telling her that she was not going to have to see doctors. Hospice would be the go-between and would provide all the drugs and care directly. She asked how I knew everything. I told her the story of mom's sister Rita, who I was responsible for from 1998-2007, when she died under hospice care. They had been amazing not only with Rita but with my mom and me.

The hospice nurse also arranged for her tiny studio apartment be cleaned twice a week and that woman was trained to take Jeannie for a walk, which she so desperately wanted. She has always been careful with her food choices all of her life and only ate as a way to improve her health. The food at the facility where she lives is pretty awful so she shops and cooks herself. She really wanted to continue to shop, not only to keep excellent food available for herself but for the act of getting out into the world. I have agreed to take her shopping every week. It is something I can do for her.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Comes the Rains

I think Michael woke me up to put me into bed around 6:30 last night. I was done. Yesterday was busy but fine. Mom and I met, did her shopping and dropped her off to meet her friend for lunch while I went to the rehab class. Jeannie did not car pool with me, I phoned her after the class, she asked if she could phone me back but she never did. I hope all is okay. I will try again this afternoon.

Michael and I were both up at 4:45 this morning, which was great. I need a shower before meeting mom to pick up her car. It is ready after breaking down on Tuesday. She is also having her shot in the eye to fight macular degeneration. A full day ahead as I also have an Irish Fiddling gig this evening. Two hours. I should be dragging by the time it is over.

No word from the surgeon's assistant about scheduling the endoscopy. I also have a nice cough, not yet into the bronchitis level but heading that direction. The goal this weekend is to take it easy and recover from a busy week.

And, the rains are to begin today. The first ones of the season. My gardens say thank you!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Frantic Moments

It was a fantastic day of getting caught up on emails and paperwork and even a nap. Lovely. We decided to drive up to the harbor around 3:00 to see if a restaurant was taking reservations for Thanksgiving yet. They were closed between lunch and dinner service. Back in the car, Jim phoned and we met him at his business south of town.

He and Kathy raised two sons, now both working in the business, and are very successful. They were local kids and now in their mid-60s. We sat in the kitchen and had a great chat and lots of laughs. I kept glancing at my watch. I had an Irish Fiddling rehearsal at 6:15 and we had planned to grab dinner out some place.

Time ticked away.

We were now at the opposite end of town and facing rush hour traffic on the little coastal road. No dinner and running late. Finally home, I threw together a good dinner while the messages were flowing about the rehearsal. They were now planning for all of us to meet at 6:30, hop in a car and drive to the other side of our neighborhood to deliver dinner and a song to our violin player who was recently home from cancer surgery.

I made it on time!

She looked tired but relieved. The doctor had just phoned before our arrival with the good news that all the pathology was cancer free. It had not spread anywhere. Her sister was staying with her and we all enjoyed seeing each other.

By the time we got back to Leslie's house, it wasn't worth unpacking my bass and hauling it over for about 20-minutes of playing. So, I am going into Friday's gig at the organic market without having played for a few weeks. No problem.

Today, I am not driving Jeannie to the rehab class. She needs to rest and recover. So, I am meeting mom and driving her around as her car is still in the shop. After I leave her to have lunch with her friend, I will head to the rehab class.

Another busy day.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Evening Filled with Children

What a night! We had about thirty kids swing by for their goodies, which was not as many as usual. I loved the little kids who were just so excited about the whole experience about being out at night with mom and dad and getting candy, too!

Our sweet neighbors with very young Cora and Ella were the first to arrive. Even their mom was dressed up! We had special gift bags for them, including a few little toys. Cora's best friend and 7th grader Lily (who is Leslie daughter, the head of the Irish Fiddling group) came back with another group of friends. I love that Cora was hanging with the older girls under the strict supervision of Lily. What a great neighborhood where her parents were comfortable with that! It made me smile.

My favorite family arrived right on time for dinner. Natalie, Ethan, Winnie and Oliver all were in full costume and excited about the evening ahead. Oliver loved his mini hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls while the rest of the family had my Italian Casserole and homemade applesauce. There were cookies for dessert. Winnie and Oliver also had gift bags of candy and small toys.

I have to say that I was stunned when I first spotted the kids. Having just seen them during the summer, I swear that each had grown a few inches and Oliver had matured so much since the beginning of school. It was fascinating to watch them both throughout the evening. Natalie and Ethan looked great, he is the final interview phase for a new job so our fingers are crossed for his success.

After they left around 9PM, I was not tired but energized. My soul was filled to the brim with all the conversations and just having kid interaction. I must admit that I fell into bed and slept like a rock, the first time in a few days.

Some sad news: I went to pick up Jeannie for the rehab class yesterday and she never came down to the car from her apartment. She lives in Senior Housing and there was no air conditioning during the fires and the 90+ temperatures. Her lungs crashed and she has not been able to recover. I phoned and she told me that the Hospice nurse was due to help with several issues. Hospice. It was hard for me to hear that but I saw how Hospice works when I was taking care of my aunt. It would help Jeannie so much in so many way that, in a way, I am happy that she is under their care. I will phone her today.

Other news: Mom. Her Mini Cooper would not go into gear and she was stuck in a parking lot. She had someone phone AAA, they couldn't get it going and had it towed. She tried phoning Michael with the tow truck driver's cell phone, he didn't recognize it and didn't answer. She phoned me after she got home, tired and hungry. She refuses to carry her burner cell phone as it is too heavy. We are going to have to talk about that. So, she has no car. I am going to meet her tomorrow morning, drive her to the mall to buy a birthday present for her buddy before they meet at a restaurant in the mall for lunch while I go to the rehab class. It is going to be a rough few days for her while the car is being fixed but it is a preamble to the time in the near future when she no longer can drive.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trick or Treaters

Mom and I checked off all of the stuff on my list and I have more on the list for today! Natalie and family are due around 6:15, I will be cooking dinner for everyone before they head out the door to trick or treat. Last evening, I put together little gift bags of candy and little toys for Winnie and Oliver but also made one for Lily and two for the little girls, Cora and Ella. So much fun.

Today, I am making the dinner this morning, will dust and vacuum the house, clean the front door, buy Halloween cookies in town and go to the rehab class. A busy day ahead. A fun day.

I still have not heard from the surgeon's assistant regarding my endoscopy. The not knowing when is driving me crazy so I must just give in and phone her tomorrow or Thursday. Just a reminder to schedule it. Please.

My biggest worry is that the surgery to fix the problem will happen before Christmas and maybe interfere with our plans to enjoy Palm Springs together just after Christmas. I want to be well enough to still spend time with our son on a vacation together. In a way, I want to push it to happen quickly but on the other hand, I want it to happen after all the holidays. I guess it will happen when it happens.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Prep

We worked side by side in the gardens and it felt like I had a good workout when it was finished. It also looked great! It had been a long time since I cut the plants along the driveway and the four other ones between Ron and us. Lots of work. Lots of picking up the piles of trimmings to put into the recycling bin. Into the back yard, the old lilies needed to be pulled and everything needed watering.

It felt so good to move my body. I did wrap my knee and only felt one twinge while I was tromping around. When it was finished, I was soaking wet and breathing hard. There was some coughing and I am a bit worried about it. It was not my usual short, non-productive cough but it sounded looser and it was a longer cough. Keeping my eye on it.

It all looks good for Natalie and her family arriving Halloween evening. The house will get a quick dusting and vacuuming tomorrow and I am making a simple dinner for the entire family so they have energy to trick or treat as many houses as possible in our neighborhood.

My list for today is ready. Shower and hit the road. Food shopping. Mom. Costco. Pay bills in person. Every year, I put together small bags of toys and goodies for the neighborhood kids. We have two very little ones in the corner house and I still make one for Lily, who is in 7th grade. Winnie and Oliver will also get a special bag. I am going to put those together this afternoon. Next year, we will have two additional kids on our street. The very first house on the cul-du-sac has just sold to a family with young children. Wonderful. Keeps the neighborhood young!

The weather has finally turned to Fall. It will be a jacket day and a chance to wear my new boots. I love everything about this time of year from the smells in the air to the pumpkins to the planning ahead for the holidays. But, it is also the beginning of cold and flu season. Just a reminder to wash your hands every time you arrive home and keep your hands away from your face. Keep the germs at bay.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Just Got Out

After a nap yesterday morning, Michael and took off to the best mall on the Peninsula, near mom's university hospital. We wanted to just get out of the house and have been meaning to buy a new coffee cup at Williams Sonoma. These are the best mugs, I bought one every year with my Christmas money from mom and I broke one several week ago. They are white ceramic, not too large, not heavy and are usually $24/cup. They were on sale! Twenty percent off! Done!

We walked through the mall, looking at the fantastic flowers and the windows of the all the stores. It was early but we had dinner at Max's. My favorite Russian Cabbage Soup was so satisfying and Michael had a cup of Chicken and Dumpling soup. He also had crab cakes and took home a piece of Carrot Cake.

Even though it was around 5PM by the time we were trying to go over the pass, the last weekend before Halloween brought even more tourist to the area. We sat in traffic, moved inches, sat some more. It was a long ride home.

During the World Series game, I fell asleep and slept the night through.

This morning, I want to trim some hedges in the yards and water the pots. That is the goal. Food shopping tomorrow in preparation for Winnie and Oliver and their parent's visit on Halloween. Something to look forward to.

Friday, October 27, 2017

New Baby Smell

I didn't hear from anyone yesterday. Okay, I bet that the medical procedure to take a look at the Nissan fundoplication surgery site and the hernia I got during that surgery causing acid reflux, is off. Remembering that they were going to try to arrange it before the surgeon went on vacation, I doubt there will be time to get it done before he takes off.

There was worry about having to cancel mom's appointment today with the investment company, No problem now.

Years ago, when I was having to take a lot of tests and my future looked very bleak, I would have the night terrors worrying about all the things that could happen. After driving myself nuts, I made a vow to not worry about something until I had proof that I had to worry! Waiting for this medical test and the probably future surgery, is difficult. All the "could happens" float to my brain, especially at night. I need to renew my vow to let it go and not worry about it until the tests are completed and the surgeon gives us his opinion of our options. If there is something to worry about, that will be the time to worry. Not now.

We had a fantastic night with dear friends, Dave and Lori with their son Joel, his wife Mindy and the new baby Evie. I got to hold a baby!! There is nothing like that new baby smell and she was one cutie! We had planned to stay for just a couple of hours of appetizers and conversation but after the new little family left, we continued to visit. We finally got home about six hours later! It was so very fun.