Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Back Into the Gardens

I woke up with a cough and it continued all day, even through the rehab class. Sherman was in fine form and caveman seems to have gotten the hint to back off. Before the class, I bought my items at Costco and chatted with a lovely 90-year old gentleman while waiting for it to open. Very smart, young looking, active gentleman. I had more wrinkles than he did!

My numbers were not great in rehab, maybe because I didn't move much last weekend. Today, I am going into the gardens to do some major trimming. Hopefully, I will feel better and looser when I am finished.

Else had been working out in the rehab class for over a year while waiting to be approved for the next steps for lung transplants. She recently had a downturn, needed more oxygen, had pulmonary hypertension and was just re-evaluated. They want her to have the invasive test into heart once again before they make a decision on whether she was a qualified candidate. Not only did she have an interstitial lung disease, but she also had a connective tissue disease. Such a sweet woman dealing with so much. It was sad to see her really struggling in rehab as her downturn was so evident. I hope it was enough to begin the transplant process. She was miserable.

After the rehab class, I stopped at Trader Joe's for some groceries and arrived home to fine Michael still in his car. So often we arrive home within minutes of each other. Did it again yesterday. He hauled all my bags into the house.

I made some delicious deviled eggs for Michael's breakfast. Trader Joe's had a pastrami-style smoked salmon that was full of flavor so I added half of a slice rolled to the top of each filled egg. Oh my.

The Irish Fiddlers have two performances coming up so the rehearsal last night was focused. Leslie and Tim had just returned from a week away at Fiddle Camp where they learned so much including some new songs.

It felt like a quick, busy, full day. But today, I am ready to stay home and physically work in the yards. And a shower later.

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