Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


The back yard looked so good after almost three hours of cleaning it up! And it still needs more trimming but I ran out of room in the two huge garden recycling bins. After Michael removed the rosemary, I trimmed back everything in that area and he was totally shocked when he saw it. While working, it occurred to me to plant lobelia along the rock wall for bright color that will last far into late Fall. The area above the back fence also needed trimming from the intrusion of vines from the neighbors.

He and I spent about an hour in the afternoon just sitting in the sunshine (yes, there was some sunshine!) and looking at everything. Next, a plant along the fence is getting too big for the space so he is going to move it to the secret garden where there is a newly cleaned out spot just waiting for it.

There was a meeting then a rehearsal with the Irish Fiddling group last evening. I was so inspired watching the Ukulele Orchestra from Britain that we talked about adding bits of "flair" to our performances. Keep the audience laughing. Check them out on YouTube. All went well and we have two concerts next week.

Today, there will be a grocery run then Natalie is going to swing by with the kids. Yeah! Afterward, I will need a nap as the rehearsal ran late and I didn't sleep well last night. I am feeling better, the infection seems to be on the run but only a urine test a week from Friday will prove it or not.

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