Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Rehab class today! I need to run some errands beforehand but it should feel great to have good workout. It is difficult when the mail arrives in the early evening and there is a problem. A $2,775.75 problem. My heart started racing. Mail us a check or pay with a credit card online NOW.

It was from my university hospital and it was part of the billing from my first pre-lung transplant testing. The other three bills were paid but the one that included cardiology, clinic visit, lab work, pulmonary function tests, respiratory services for a grand total of
$16, 084.00 showed a balance due. Yes, you read that right. After discounts ($310) and insurance ($12,998.25) it stated that I owed $2,775.75. Merry Christmas.

So, after taking a deep breath, I phoned my insurance company that covers the gap between Medicare and my pocket book, Janice and I had a chat and she confirmed that the other three bills were paid but WAIT! They never received the bill that would cover the $2,775.75.

Now, it was too late to phone my university hospital so I worried about it all night. Then, I began to worry about other stuff. For example, I ordered my vitamins online on 11/28 then realized that I have not received them yet. Were they taken from our front porch? This morning, I looked at the confirmation of shipping email with tracking numbers and discovered they are due to be delivered today. One problem solved.

I am watching the clock waiting for the billing department at the hospital to open so I can call to let them know that they have to submit the bill to my insurance company. Fingers crossed that I don't discover a bigger problem.

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