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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Surprise Passing

It was so great to see everyone and to have a good workout at the rehab class yesterday. My numbers were surprisingly fantastic - 96-97 saturation rates. I usually fight for 92-93. It felt great, I was never short of breath and I had wonderful conversations that I just didn't want to leave.

As I was waiting to checkout, Sara (RN) sat next to me and said, "I have some bad news. We just got word that Don died." Don. Don. I couldn't place his name with his face. Then it hit me. OMG! Sherman had nicknamed him Caveman! He had only retired and been with us less than a year. I had been asked to work with him but found him rather strange then he stepped over a line and I backed way off. But before that, I had tried to have him go to my university hospital because he didn't have a proper diagnosis and he was just seeing a local doctor. He said he loved his doctor and didn't care about a proper diagnosis. Well, he died of pneumonia. I believe he was around 65-years old.

Sherman is also struggling but told me that he would try to get to the rehab class on Thursday. He is also dealing with a bit of depression because of his current difficulty with breathing right now. I don't want to tell him about Caveman over the phone but will wait until I see him in person.

Michael and I are slowly taking the house back from the holiday. He dumped all the poinsettias yesterday as they were on their last leg. The housekeepers are due tomorrow so we are trying to gather as much of the holiday stuff in one room so the rest of the house can be cleaned. It needs it!

This morning, we are going over the pass to food shop then home to visit Safeway. Michael will haul it all into the house for me. I exchanged a present from Barnes and Noble for a new Atkins Cookbook yesterday. We will be trying new recipes from it all week.

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