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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Into the Garden!

G-day today. Gardening. It is so windy that all we will be able to do is cut, edge and blow. We can't wash the windows because a storm is going to come in before Christmas. We are focused and ready to hit the yards by 9AM with a goal to be finished by lunchtime. Maybe later today, I will set the table, take some photos then cover it to keep it dust free until Sunday. Look for photos tomorrow! I hope!

This evening, a larger group of Irish music performers are meeting at Leslie's house for a bit of a leftovers party and playing some music from 6-8PM. Since I already have a blister on my picking finger, I will tape it up so it will be ready for our performance at the goat farm on Wednesday.

We almost finished our shopping yesterday after Michael met us at Nordstrom for lunch. His are wrapped and under the tree. Mine? I still have $40.00 to spend. Don't know where. Don't know when!

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