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Thursday, December 22, 2016

It Begins

We played for the goat farm late yesterday afternoon. It had been very windy and a bit cool but magic happened. We arrived and the winds stopped. We played near the appetizers in the little garden. While warming up, I noticed that the goats in the pen at the end of the garden were pressed along the fence NOT MOVING AN INCH but listening to the music. It was hilarious.

About lucky 20 people arrived for a dinner in the Medieval-Type dining room for a long evening of a meal made from all local products. These were hard-won reservations, which they made over a year ago. Expensive, too! As the owner of the goat farm welcomed them, she said this once-a-year tour and dinner made a huge different to their operation and thanked them for coming from such long distances.

We played well. It was a beautiful venue and I even bought some goat cheese for our Christmas meal.

Today, it begins. We are going to hunt and gather all the groceries today. It should take many hours. Tonight, we have been invited to Rick and Natalie's for appetizers (dinner).

Here we go.

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