Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, December 12, 2016


It's been rainy and cold, for us. No frost but we were actually wearing coats over sweaters. The weekend was quiet, though we did a lot in preparation for Christmas, including hanging the outdoor lights. One of the jobs was to set the self cleaning cycle on our oven. OMG! I had forgotten about the fumes.

I set the 3.5-hour cycle around 4:00 and, for the first hour, all was well. Then, we were in the living room when the burning odor hit my delicate lungs. We closed the doors to the kitchen. It got worse as the oven was doing its job of burning off at least a year's worth of gook. We looked at each other, Michael said I should leave and I coughed all the way back to our bedroom. With those doors shut, the windows opened (it was cold outside) and the fan on, it eventually was an odor-free space. With my oxygen on, I read then watched some TV but drifted off to sleep around 6:30. Suddenly, it was 7:30, I finished getting ready for bed then promptly fell asleep until 5AM.

There is still a bit of an aroma of something burning this morning but hopefully, that will dissipate as time passes today. Next time, I will ask Michael to turn on the cleaning cycle while I am not home. It was horrible and I had such a difficult time breathing for a while. Not good. Lesson learned.

Mom and I are together for an eye doctor appointment this morning. Everyday this week will be jammed packed as I work my way towards Christmas.

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