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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Didn't Happen

Well, yesterday didn't happen like I had planned. Sure, I got up and out of the house just fine. Even the rough traffic over the pass didn't stop me from arriving at mom's with more than enough time to get to her eye doctor appointment. Traffic on the freeway south was horrible but we finally arrived with 20 minutes to spare. We parked. We walked in. We entered the lobby to check in and BOOM. That's when it happened: I had all of the appointments for the day (including my doctor appointment with Dr. K), listed in my calendar a week early. Wrong day. All for nought. When I transferred all the appointments for the new year into my new calendar, I messed up.

We were now free! Mom needed a few things at the Dollar Tree then I dropped her off so she could get to her volunteer job. I went home. It was so nice to be home with nothing I HAD to do. We had leftover Lamb Kebob Tacos for dinner and I went to the orchestra rehearsal. Since I have missed so many rehearsals, I have been worried about the upcoming concert. We played the overture and a theme and variations on a Brahms theme by Beethoven. Both went really well. Then, The Symphony. It was rough but I held my own and actually feeling so much better about it all.

Michael has his EEG to check for brain seizures this morning and if none are found, as expected, he can quit his medication he has been taking for two years. We will go shopping for his mom's Christmas presents afterwards and maybe even a bit of lunch! Should be a nice day together.

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