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Friday, December 2, 2016

Michael vs Neurologist

Michael's meeting with the neurologist went really well. What a great doctor! He never even glanced at his computer but sat back in his chair and chatted. What he was actually doing was observing Michael to see if he found any problems with his memory or speech. Smart. He ordered an EGG scan of his brain on Thursday then, if all is fine, he will give the approval for Michael to stop the horrible anti-seizure drugs. We were so very happy! Fingers crossed for Thursday!

After the appointment, we went shopping! We found new Christmas lights! We found new decorations! We ordered the pork roast and baby back ribs for Christmas! We even ordered our dessert! We ordered a special Norwegian dessert of almond paste pastries made into the shape of a tree then decorated with flags and ornaments! Not cheap but it will be the crowning glory of the entire special Norwegian dinner this year. We also ordered special Norwegian gingerbread and almond macaroon cookies.

After working in the garden tomorrow, we plan to decorate the house inside and out. Christmas is a-comin'.

This morning, I am heading to the other rehab again. My energy level is growing so I just need to push myself to get up and out early. Mom and I need to have my glasses adjusted at Costco this morning then some other shopping for her. I promised that we would have lunch today at her favorite P.F. Chang.

Next week's schedule is unbelievable. Tons of appointments, rehearsals and doctors! I need to take just one day at a time!

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