Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lots of Jigs!

Working out at the other rehab yesterday morning fueled more energy. I was able to do my routine before adding more to my Christmas meat order at the butcher's on my way to Trader Joe's. By the time I arrived at mom's house at 9:30, I felt like I had conquered all my chores so we enjoyed the day together. She needed to do some shopping and run a few errands then I suggested Chili's for lunch as it was nearby. We were not in our usual shopping area so it was a rare event, we were there early and had the perfect waitress. I even ate! Soup! A soft taco!

Sometimes, I like to drive through the neighborhoods and small roads on our way back to her home. She loves to look at all the houses in the area where I grew up and we even drove by our old house. It looked horrible! It hasn't be painted since 1969. The old paint was peeling off and the house just looked very sad. Still, it is probably worth well over $2M because of the neighborhood! California real estate! She loved driving through the big fancy houses and so many Christmas decorations were in full bloom.

We are going to be together again very early tomorrow morning as she has an appointment with her glaucoma doctor. Afterwards, she will be doing her volunteer stint at the large main library while I head to the city to visit Dr. K. I am underweight again and she is not going to be happy. She worries that I will go below the minimum of 25 BMI for lung transplants. I'm close. I love the way it feels to be lighter and have such loose clothing but, she is probably going to tell me to eat more!

Today, three people are coming for an Irish Fiddling rehearsal for a specific gig, which will include a rather respected woman in the Irish Fiddling world who asked us to play with her. It will be at our home for just an hour this afternoon. Then, this evening, our usual group will have a rehearsal at Leslie's next door. Fun day!

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