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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Michael Given All Clear?

I was within thirty minutes of going to the orchestra rehearsal last night when I turned to Michael and said, "I just want to sleep." He said that I should listen to that and stay home. At 6:30, I went to bed and slept until 5AM when Michael climbed out of bed.

Guess I really needed the sleep.

I returned to the other rehab yesterday. It was so good to see so many old friends but there were so many people I had not met yet. It felt good to work out. I noticed an uptick in energy after I got home but clearly, it wiped me out.

This morning, Michael and I are going to his final appointment with the neurologist and he can finally be approved to quit his anti-seizure medication. Nasty drug. No one ever believed us that he passed out two years ago due to low blood sugar and not a seizure. There were no signs of any seizures, past or recent, in his MRI after the incident but no, they said that it was a seizure. To keep his drivers license, he had to be on this drug. We have been looking forward to this appointment and freedom from the drugs for a long time.

To add just a bit of drama this morning, we just got an alert that the pass is closed due to a fallen tree. The traffic will be incredible so we now have to build in a whole lot more time to make it to the doctor appointment on time. Nuts.

After the appointment, we will be shopping to find Christmas decorations at Lowe's and plan to order some special Norwegian cookies and goodies from a Scandinavian bakery.

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