Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Well, phone calls were made yesterday between my university hospital and Medicare regarding the $2,775.75 bill I received from the hospital. One said it was kicked back for more information and the other said it was not submitted. Lots of waiting on hold. Where we sit with the large bill is that Medicare said my Worker's Comp set aside was gone so I owed it. This came from my university hospital billing department. I told her that I still had $92,000 waiting for a bill from Medicare. With a set aside, specific things like oxygen, PFTs and CT Scan are approved and paid by Medicare then they are to bill me until the money runs out. I was told that once the money runs out, they would pick up any additional costs. This worries me now. Am I expected to pay for my own medical after this money is spent? OMG!

So, I worried all night. Then, I worried about getting our house into a trust and whether William was coming for Christmas. It brought out all my inner worries.

And then today, I face Dr. K. Okay, then.

But wait, I need to be out of the house within minutes to drive mom deep into the Silicon Valley during rush hour for her eye doctor appointment. This is the same appointment that we were a week too early last Wednesday.

Silicone Valley then San Francisco then home for an orchestra rehearsal. It is going to be one heck of a day. Did I mention it will be raining all day? People here don't drive in the rain very well so there are sure to be accidents and delays. I so hope I am not involved in any! More worries!

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