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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Enjoying the Roaring Ocean

Mom and I ran from one event to the next before a quick lunch and a fast ride home. I made it! Michael also made it with 20-minutes to spare! We drove along the ocean through a light rain to our favorite place right on the ocean. The waves were huge as a storm was blowing through. Our car got wet from the waves and overspray in the parking lot. It was that close to the ocean. We met British Don in the large lounge near the bar. They feature a large dance floor and the live music was due a few hours later. The place was going to be packed. It always is on the weekend.

The owner was there. He surprised us with a beautiful platter of teriyaki sirloin strips, grilled calamari, hot goat cheese with olives and sun-dried tomatoes, six huge grilled prawns and eggplant fries to the table. We were able to spend some time together and get caught up. A couple of hours later, we were home, in our pajamas and ready for a good night's sleep.

Our appointment with the CPA is next week so I will be spending most of today doing the final paperwork in preparation for that event. This is the first meeting for our new tax company, which is here in town. We had been with another company over the pass for decades but the woman became outrageously expensive. She also did not know computers and never filed electronically. Lots of people were paid to complete the returns thus the higher costs. Mom was also done with her so she has an appointment with this new company on Monday morning.

When mom had her last eye surgery, the former tax woman showed up in the waiting room. She thought I was someone else, accused me sending her an email that she didn't like then realized who I was. At that point, she asked me about my mom, who was sitting next to me. I pointed, she was surprised and still didn't really recognize her. It was then that we realized that the medical issues she had been dealing with for the past couple of years had affected her memory and brain. Within a couple of months, we received a letter stating that she was having medical issues and that the business was being handled by a new person. Time for us to depart.

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