Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, February 19, 2016

Weigh In

There was very light traffic while driving to the far end of the city yesterday morning. What a pleasure. I think everyone was on vacation for President's week. I arrived very early but saw Mr. B. and was in the car at my appointment time. Nice. It was also nice to have only gained 4 ounces. I was happy it was under a pound. It is already gone this morning. I can feel it.

Since I arrived so early, I walked to the Starbucks for an Americano. While ordering, this beautiful woman behind the counter asked if I wanted a pastry. Yes, of course I want one but..."I have an appointment with a nutritionist. I've lost 100 pounds." She smiled and said, "I lost 125 pounds." We gave each other a high five! She told me she will never gain it back as she now has the life she dreamed about.

I will never allow myself to gain it all back. I can feel when I gain a pound and am miserable. I hate the feeling.

A short nap did happen after I got home but Michael needed me to shuttle a car over the pass. We bought another auto so we can save the Porsche for weekend pleasure trips. The new (very used) car will also be perfect for road trips as it has a HUGE trunk!

Today is going to be wild. Mom has her shot in her eye to fight macular degeneration then we are running up to the northern end of the county to order a replacement of her sunglasses she lost last week. Costco. That should take some time and we will still need to find some lunch somewhere. The big push is because Michael and I are meeting British Don mid-afternoon north of us. I hope we make it on time! I am so looking forward to taking it easy this weekend!

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