Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Good Numbers

I had a fantastic workout in the rehab class yesterday. My saturation numbers were better than my average, I felt very loose and was breathing well. What was most surprising was that I did not cough. At lunch yesterday, I took a sip of iced tea after having a bite of leftover tri tip wrapped in a low carb tortilla and it went into my lungs. I was coughing trying to get it up and then I vomited followed by clear mucus. I expected to have a difficult time in rehab after that but was so pleased that I did so well.

Both of my rehab boys looked so much better than last week. Their color was good. It was nice to spend some time with them.

Since Michael's retirement, Wednesdays have become our day together. My dance card is often filled with my mom and rehab classes and yard work, but Wednesdays have been our day to run errands, see people, have lunch or just hang out. Today, the fun begins in our tax appointment followed by a run over the pass to Costco to replace Michael's broken sunglasses then a quick stop at the butcher's and Trader Joes's. We will drive home, unpack and hang out for a bit. Mid-afternoon, we will drive into the city for the Board meeting at my university hospital. No time for orchestra rehearsal tonight!

I love these days. I love just hanging with Michael. I guess that is a good thing after being married over 42-years.

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