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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Going for a Ride

Loving this long weekend! I was able to put off all my weekend chores for a day. Now two days. Yesterday, I had a three hour lunch with Matt, a teacher where I used to work. It was fun to get caught up with what was happening in our lives and with our parents then we gossiped a lot. It has been ten years since I left the school and there are just a handful of staff still there from that era. Remarkable. We also talked about the kids. Who is doing what. Who we ran into as adults. Just fun.

But, there was a pile of laundry waiting for me when I got home and dinner to be made. I just passed a pile of things to be ironed work is not yet done.

Michael just turned to me and asked if I wanted to go over the pass with him, workout at the other rehab while he paints a few things then we would go to lunch afterwards. I guess the gardens can wait yet another day! It is going to be hot today. It is going to be packed here on the coast.

At this very moment, he queued up the Formula 1 race from Italy to watch before we go anywhere. Oops! Oh no! Kimi Raikkonen driving for Ferrari in Italy!! What happened?!?!?

My thought is that there is always tomorrow to finished my weekend chores. Michael will be home. He will watch while I do the yard work. He will watch while I iron. He may even help me haul garden waste. It will be a day at home together.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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