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Friday, September 11, 2015

Looking in the Mirror

I had extra time before the rehab class so I tried on clothing at Macy's. I found a pair of nice, black textured slim cut slacks. I chose a size 10 and tried them on. THEY WERE TOO BIG. It was a shock. I went back, nabbed the size 8 and they fit. Imagine. In 2006, I was 100 pounds heavier than I was yesterday. A size XL, if it would fit.

It has been almost five years since I have lost all the weight. If I gain two pounds, I feel it now and I don't like the feeling. The nutritionist once told me that skinny people have no idea what they weight. If their clothes start feeling tighter, they pull back on their food for a couple of weeks. That is so true of Michael. He has been thin all of his life and when his Levi's begin to feel tight, he cuts back. At the moment, he is thinking about buying a new pair in a smaller size he hasn't seen in years: a 32" waist. I think it has been the hot weather. He has just wanted very light dinners and is drinking plenty of water.

Someone asked me my weight loss secrets. What worked this time? I think because the goal was to get my BMI between 25-30 for lung transplants, it was about my health, not my dress size. In fact, after I lost the majority of the weight, I went to Nordstrom to buy a couple of pairs of pants as I had nothing that fit. Having no idea what size I was, the saleswoman told me to begin in size 10. That alone was a shock! I couldn't believe how small I had become. It was underneath all my baggy clothing. It was not my focus during the months and months of focused dieting.

The other secret is to have the food in the house and available. If it is there, I will eat it. We rarely eat out and, when we do, we tend to split an entree. It is having control of the portion size, fat and salt. A food plan for the day. Every day. No binges. No day off.

It is in this hot weather that I most appreciate being smaller. Shorts and a nice t-shirt or polo shirt. Two items. I always wore a minimum of three items. Always a sweater or coat or jacket to cover up. I now find it amusing that I have turned into that woman who has a light jacket with me as the air conditioning is sometimes too cool in stores or restaurants. I never was cold when I was heavier. I always was dripping with sweat in the hot weather. I hated summer and summer clothing.

I so wish I had worked with a nutritionist decades ago.

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