Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I had a lovely morning with my friend Lois. We met ten years ago while working out at the other rehab. We became friends before we realized that we had actually performed several times together, she in the chorus and me with the big fancy orchestra. She was a drug designer. A biologist. Whenever I get a new drug, I ask her how it works. Pathways. Oh, I have learned all about pathways!

She handed me some information yesterday that I had not heard about. It was announced yesterday that "Bristol-Myers buys the rights to acquire fibrosis drug developer" for $1.25 billion. This give them access to Promedior Inc's drug that is being tested for treating fibrosis: IPF and other fibrotic lung diseases.

Apparently, Bristol-Myers has four anti-fibrotic drugs in the pipeline and Promedior has one in the mid-stage of testing. This drug would be different as it works on a specific protein via intravenous injections.

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