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Monday, September 28, 2015

Brain Study

I took it easy yesterday after cleaning up the kitchen, doing the ironing, cooking stuffed eggs wrapped in bacon then turkey breakfast sausages for Michael's breakfasts for the week, loading our daily medicine containers, organizing the bills, feeding the neighbor's cat and before I made some dinner. As you can see, not a whole lot of taking it easy!!

A while ago, I joined a brain research study at my university hospital. It involved doing memory computer games and providing information about my medications, health and family to the researchers. Today, I will be giving them my DNA and I will be doing the exact same memory computer games but will be observed this time. They will compare the results with the last tests I completed alone from home. What I will not do for this study is to have a brain MRI. That was the only request I turned down.

We will be meeting in the very old, very large Veterans Hospital hanging from the cliffs in the city. I have always wanted to wander through the massive grounds and today is my chance! There is actually a marked parking spot for the study volunteers near their research building.

The appointment is to begin at 10AM and I should be finished by noon, then I will phone mom to decide if we will see each other or not. I may be exhausted. All in all, it should be interesting.

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