Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Oxygen, Please

I think we lost a car last night. The Audi died on Michael and we think it is the transmission. It is an old Audi and we probably won't put any more money into it. He had phoned me to pick him up over the pass near his work where the car stopped in an intersection. Some guys helped him move it out of the way, he told me where he was so we waited together for the tow truck to rescue us.

Two hours later, we had it stored at Michael's work where he will take a good look at it today. Next, I worried about his low blood sugar so we stopped to get a quick bite to eat. While driving home, it occurred to me that as my need for supplemental oxygen increases, things like this could be very difficult. An unexpected extra couple of hours out of the house, the need to carry enough oxygen at all times and the need to plan for every eventuality.

I don't need oxygen 24/7 yet. It will happen one day sooner rather than later. For some reason, last night it became clear to me how our lives will need to change when that happens. I also have great empathy for anyone who is already dealing with hauling oxygen around all day, everyday. The goal will be to stay active and to get out of the house. Easier said than done!

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