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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

42 Years

It is our 42nd Anniversary today. I just can't believe how quickly time has flown. We have grown and changed and lived life to its fullest. We were so very young and we were smart enough to wait eight years to have William. By the time he arrived, we had traveled a lot, had a Porsche and Jaguar, owned a house, decorated the house and had money in the bank. I was able to stay home and when I left work, Michael got a new job with a pay increased almost to the penny of what I had been paid. Those nine years of being a stay at home mom were the best years of my life. A gift. Though financially difficult at times, we made it all work to keep me at home as long as possible. No vacations. No fancy restaurants. When I did go back to work, I had learned so much about education that I went to work at the school where I got sick. William never had to go to an aftercare program or needed a babysitter. I would drive him to school and pick him up. I was there on weekends and holidays and summers. It was ideal.

Someone gave Michael a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant near his work. It is old fashioned: large portions, heavily sauced, rich and expensive food. People just don't eat like that anymore. Rumors are about that they are closing soon. The owners really just need to redo their menu but, maybe after many decades, they are tired. We are going tonight. I am picking him up and we will have a nice long dinner. Our plan is to split the Oyster Rockefeller, the Tournedos a la Rossini (pate and truffles are involved) and probably one of their famous Grand Manier Souffle. Better to eat half portions. I really don't think I could eat their full dinners anymore. (There sister restaurant was high in the mountains above us on the pass before it closed two years ago. It is a very similar menu.)

My ear is really ringing this morning. Dr. K. started me on prescription strength Flonase to help work it through since the infection from last June keeps returning. I had a bit of dizziness on Sunday and now have a small occasional cough. Those are the only side effects so far. Who knows if this will work so it may be time to get a referral to an ENT specialist.

Our hairdresser is getting ready to open her new barber shop right on Main Street of our little coastal town. It has a very clean, industrial, manly feeling about it. She phoned before he got home because she really needed Michael advice on some trim color. Almost in a panic. After a quick dinner, we drove into town and watched as she finished painting the trim. It was perfect. She had made the change and Michael approved it all. He does has the best design and color eye of anyone I have ever met. I love that with every shave or haircut, the men will be offered a free beer. There is even a spot in front of the big windows where a beautiful mahogany shelve acts as a bar. It is going to be a smash hit.

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