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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Handful of Worries

I was up, out and into the gardens by 9AM yesterday. It was not hot yet and I was able to do a quick mow and blow. Everything was very dry so I watered as much as I could, but we still have to be very mindful of our water usage. El Nino, we are waiting for you. Please bring your rains as soon as possible. Thank you.

It is going to be HOT all week. Even here on the coast, it is expected to be in the 80s. I am ready for Fall to begin.

The pulmonary rehab class is this morning but I need to first swing by AAA to pay the yearly DMV fees for a car. Then, the real sweat will begin. Sherman and Dick will be there early so there will be lots of laughs and chaos.

But, my mind is on the two projects, Dr. K.'s demand that I seek help dealing with living with a chronic disease, Michael leaving for the wedding in Nashville and my mom. I am still angry how Dr. K. totally mis-read Michael's comment during the appointment and she felt that I needed help after leaving my job 11 YEARS AGO! I did the work years ago: physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. British Don told me that since it was a request on the record, I need to follow through, meet with someone he recommends then have her write a report to Dr. K. It will then be done. Maybe one or two sessions. So, I am phoning the doctor he recommended today to make an appointment. I am still not happy.

Michael leaves soon for British Don's daughter's wedding in Nashville. He is the bodyguard. He is the cushion between Don and the family. It will be the second time Don has had to endure his ex and her husband. The first time was at his daughter's graduation from college when he was told where he could sit, not to move and not to talk with anyone. Don's ex moved out of their house one day without any notice. Got home from work and everyone was gone. Turned out she was seeing a much older man, ended up marrying him, he needed a job so they moved Don's daughter to Nashville. It has not been easy. So, Michael will be with Don for four days. I will miss him, probably not sleep well and will worry the whole time.

My mom. She had her appointment with the eye surgeon on Friday. It was very tense, my mom was not happy and fought back tears when she realized that her memory of her eyes may not have been the reality. The easy fix was not possible. She had tattooed eyebrows so they cannot be lifted. They would look way too high and just goofy. There was still just a small bit of tissue on her eyelids that the doctor offered to remove but, really, I don't think it will make much of a difference. The reality was that her brows have fallen, it would be major surgery to cut into the hair line and do a lift but then, they wouldn't look right because of the tattoos. She keeps saying that she didn't think it would look bad so the surgeon had to start again from the beginning to explain again why they would not look good. Mom is very vain and wants everything to be perfect. I think what hit her so hard on Friday was that her eyes are not going to look like they did a couple of years ago. She is, after all, 87-years old. I also know that she has been very upset all weekend, I thought I would give her some time and space before phoning her this morning.

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