Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, July 20, 2015

Steamy Sunday

Hot and so muggy. It was 80 degrees in the house yesterday. We just don't do that here on the coast. There was a tropical storm hitting Southern California bringing humidity but the rains didn't quite reach here. By the late afternoon, with the sun streaming into the family room, we were HOT! I was even finding it difficult to breathe! How do people with lung disease live in areas where this humid weather is all summer long? Atlanta? Chicago? The entire South? My hat is off to you. I was really struggling yesterday but I do have to remember that we don't have air conditioning. That would have helped!

A year ago, a new Italian restaurant opened less than a mile north of us. Since it was Italian, we never went. As it was so hot in the house and not a lot of food to choose from for dinner, we hopped in the car and went to try it out. It was beautiful with rich stone and wood, an outdoor eating area and hardly anyone there. It was only 4:00, after all. We sat at the bar on the dark brown leather chairs all alone and  watched all the plates of food go by us. What a great place! The food was fantastic, the staff was speaking Italian to each other (love that) and it was all paid for with the $50.00 gift card I got from my university hospital for participating in the focus group for the ILD rehab program. Thank you very much!

And the Giant's swept the Diamondbacks.

Today and tomorrow are also going to be challenging as the cool air is not set to arrive until Wednesday. I will be bringing oxygen with me for support. After working out at the other rehab, I will swing by the butcher's, mom's house then Trader Joe's after lunch. Mom bought herself a new Dell tablet and needs my help to set up the WiFi. She is so excited! Did I mention she is turning 87-years old and she is learning new hardware? Love that.

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