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Thursday, July 16, 2015

No Weight Gain!!!!

Wednesday dawn. Drove into the city with very little traffic, made most of the traffic lights and got free street parking all because it was so stinkin' early! Wonderful but awful at the same time. I arrived at 6:45 for my 7:45 appointment. Starbucks! Americano! The good news is that after not meeting with the nutritionist for two months, I am the same weight. Even while having problems working out, I didn't gain weight. Hugh sigh of relief.

I skipped back to the car, took another set of freeways down to visit Michael and we went out for breakfast. He enjoyed a huge bacon omelet and I was so happy with my Egg Beaters. Afterwards, I drove to Safeway then had a glorious walk on the pier and the lagoon. No pain this morning.

After the rehab class today, I have physical therapy for my hip. Our first meeting on Tuesday was to assess and set a plan for treatment. This is will be the first time of actually stretching my hip out and working on my damaged glute.

My rehab boy Dick phoned yesterday. He sounded horrible and very weak so I am worried. He is home from the hospital and struggling with stamina after a bout with pneumonia. He has not been healthy since last October.

And the drive into the city? I get to do it again tomorrow to see the endocrinologist right in the middle of the morning rush hour traffic. Fun, fun, fun!

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