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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Children All About

It was child-filled day yesterday! Once again, the excursion to the university-owned ranch was fantastic with Barbara and her daycare kids. There were nine kids and three adults, we met the only male goat and his musty smell to attract the females, held a baby goat, brushed donkeys and goats, fed the sheep, softened our hands with lanolin from the sheep's wool, carded the wool and made it into bracelets, held and fed chickens, gathered eggs, met a rabbit, saw a lot of bones collected on the property and close by, ate produce in the garden and took home cauliflower plantings in paper cups. The weather was rather perfect as it is usually very hot. This year, there was a nice breeze and overcast yet pleasantly warm.

But, the best for me is always Barbara's daycare kids. They are a joy. So full of energy and so willing to try anything. She had invited a couple of her former kids to join us. They were so tall and so old! I remember them as just kids.

The perfect ending? Ice cream at the local Rite-Aid!

The ranch had no cell service so it wasn't until we got back into town that I got a text message from Natalie from earlier in the day. I texted back and we ended up meeting at my house. Oliver's favorite thing was to pick the Meyers lemons and we made lemonade together. Then, he went exploring the yard. He and Winnie played hide and seek followed by Popsicles on the swing. Natalie and I were able to chat. She was picking up her new/used car within the hour and their plans for Hawaii on Monday were being changed. She was trying to add the children to bring them along since her mom injured her back.

Suddenly, they were gone. The house was quiet but my soul was filled by a day filled with children.

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