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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Feeling Fit

Mom bought herself a Dell tablet for $110.00 from her best friends at Best Buy and had it all set up except for the wifi. That was my job for the morning. Phone calls to Comcast didn't fix it. I finally just sat and thought about it all then realized where we were going wrong. Boom! Got it! My brain hurt from having to think so hard! I am an Apple girl so working with the Dell was a challenge. My mom looked at me like I had just performed a miracle. She even took me to lunch afterwards!

It was still so hot and muggy yesterday but a bit cooler than Sunday. Since I had worked out, I had my supplemental oxygen with me and used it! It was so helpful while hauling groceries into the house then making deviled eggs, my breakfast casserole and dinner. The fog arrived last evening but somehow, it was just plain warm all night. I want my cool coastal weather back, please!

It may have been the 4.0 earthquake that awakened me around 2AM and I was not able to get back to sleep until 4:30. It is going to be a long day. After a few errands to prepare for my picnic with Winnie and Oliver tomorrow, I have my PT appointment for my hip just before my rehab class. I still have no hip pain and so very happy about it. The goal is to get home ASAP to begin our dinner of Barbacoa Tacos, which require 3-4 hours of braised meat in the oven. This will be my first time making it and rather excited to find something interesting and so perfect for my diet. Recipe HERE

I am feeling pretty good and finally getting a solid workout. My new relationship with the elliptical has helped but the major difference has been changing from a recumbent bike to an upright bike, which is better for my hip. It takes more work to propel it so I perspire and my heart rate greatly increases. I realized that I was walking out of the class feeling fit and healthy, which is a great feeling and one I have not felt in a long time.

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